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Wedding locations in Tuscany: 4 ideas on where to have a magical ceremony

Wedding locations in Tuscany: 4 ideas on where to have a magical ceremony

Tuscany is one of the most beautiful regions in the world, and there are so many who choose to celebrate their most beautiful day in this land. Breathtaking landscapes, thousands of years of history, timeless culture and art – all this will make your day magical.

But how to choose the perfect Tuscany wedding location for your couple? From Renaissance villas to medieval castles and vineyards, there are so many options to consider.

In this article we will explore some of the best wedding venues in Tuscany to help you find the perfect venue.

Where to have a wedding in Tuscany?

The types of wedding venues in Tuscany are very different from each other, but all are magical.

Medieval castle

The ideal choice for those who want a fairytale, romantic and princely wedding is undoubtedly a medieval castle. At Gargonza we have hosted hundreds of beautiful weddings of couples from all over the world. Available to our guests are many outdoor spaces, frescoed indoor halls and even rooms and apartments if you want to accommodate your guests for the night.

The wonder of being inside an authentic, perfectly preserved medieval Tuscan castle will make your day truly magical.

Renaissance villa

One of the most sought-after and popular locations for weddings in Tuscany are historical villas. Our region is full of marvelous villas dating back to the Renaissance period that have been used as wedding locations and thus give the possibility to celebrate one’s ceremony inside. Gorgeous halls filled with frescoes and wonderful gardens with pathways, flower beds and fountains are the perfect setting for any elegant wedding.

Chianti vineyard

If you love the views and landscapes typical of the Tuscan countryside, it might be a suggestive idea to choose a Chianti vineyard as the location for your wedding in Tuscany. It will be an original and evocative ceremony, with the possibility of visiting the vineyard and offering your guests a guided tasting. If you love Tuscan wine, it will be a truly unforgettable experience, and the view from a Chianti vineyard is truly spectacular.

Alternatively, you can offer your guests a visit to a Chianti winery as a side activity to the wedding.

Art city

Finally, if you and your better half are passionate about artistic beauty and culture, the wedding venue in Tuscany for you is a city of art. You’ll be spoiled for choice between Siena, Florence or perhaps Arezzo, which is less well known but very rich in artistic wonders.

You can have the ceremony in a historic palace or a church and then stroll through the streets of the city, among history, culture and art.

How long before looking for wedding locations?

Of course, it depends on many factors including the time of the wedding, the number of guests, the type of ceremony, and the kind of venue. In general, however, we recommend that you move between 6 months and 1 year ahead of the date to make sure you find the perfect place for you. This means that if you are getting married in the spring, you should already find the location for your wedding in Tuscany between September and October of the year before.

If you want to book your wedding ceremony at Castello di Gargonza, we recommend that you contact us at least a year in advance of your big day.

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