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How and where to plan a wedding in Tuscany

How and where to plan a wedding in Tuscany

Tuscany is a wonderful land in terms of art, history and nature. With the sea, countryside and cities of art, it truly offers everything to celebrate your most beautiful day and make it unforgettable.

It is no coincidence that Tuscany is one of the most desired and chosen destinations by couples from all over the world for their big day. For many, getting married in Tuscany is a real dream come true!

In this article we will give you some tips on how to plan a wedding in Tuscany that everything is perfect.

3 tips for planning the perfect wedding

Wedding planning is always very exciting but can hide some traps. You have to think about some important details and of course you have to move well in advance precisely because Tuscany is one of the most desirable destinations for weddings.


The first and most important thing to choose is undoubtedly the wedding location.

Tuscany is full of splendid villas and historic buildings, enclosed in the setting of the most beautiful art cities such as Florence and Siena or in the Chianti countryside. There is also the sea of course, with its azure and blue glimpses, and ancient medieval castles for a ceremony surrounded by views full of charm, history and authenticity. Each place holds a thousand possibilities for planning the wedding of your dreams. You may choose to have overnight guests and thus celebrate a party that extends beyond the classic wedding day. Gather the next morning for breakfast or at the pool the day after the wedding for a relaxing day.

So close your eyes and imagine where you would like to get married: in Tuscany you are sure to find just the location you want.


In addition to the set-up and location you also need to think about the catering, which is one of the key aspects of a successful wedding.

Find out what services they offer and what kind of dishes they offer: of course you can customize the menu according to your tastes and the wedding theme, but remind that each caterer has its own style of cooking. Consider it carefully when choosing.

Many locations provide their own restaurant for both the wedding cocktail hour and dinner in addition to the informal dinner that can be arranged the day before.


Regarding the wedding theme, what to do is entirely up to you!

There are those who dream of the princely and romantic ceremony for a lifetime, those who prefer a natural mood and those who imagine the wedding declined in their favorite color. Whichever theme you choose, make sure that everything is in harmony with the place where you will hold the wedding: not only the setting but also the floral arrangements, the mise en place, the favors for the guests.

Also be sure to indicate the wedding theme on the invitations so that all your guests know what to expect.


Finally, a tip strictly related to climate and seasons.

In most areas of Tuscany, temperatures are quite mild even in the middle of winter so you should have no problems even if you want to organize a winter ceremony. However, it must be said that the best seasons are autumn and spring, when it is neither too hot nor too cold.

If you want to organize your wedding in Tuscany in summer, make sure to choose a breezy and cool location because otherwise you run the risk of it being really too hot. In Gargonza we are at 600 meters and surrounded by extensive forest, so fresh air is always present in the long summer evenings.

How to plan your wedding in Tuscany at Gargonza

Gargonza Castle is the perfect location for planning a fairytale wedding. Inside an authentic medieval village, with the castle tower and many stone houses where you can have your guests stay with all the comforts.

You can have both a civil and religious ceremony, and we also cater. The beautiful terrace with a view and the lemon house garden are large enough to accommodate the buffet and dinner.