Corsi Salviati family since 1696


Corsi Salviati family

Gargonza Castle is located in Tuscany, in the hills of Arezzo, and has belonged to the Corsi Salviati family since 1696.

In 1907, at the death of the Marquis Bardo Corsi Salviati, his properties passed on to his nephew Conte Giulio Guicciardini who added the last name of his grandfather to his own. With the rural exodus and the abandonment of hillside agriculture, Gargonza was soon abandoned and one of Count Giulio’s 8 sons, Roberto Guicciardini Corsi Salviati, began a conservative restoration that brought this small village to new life.

A new destination for the “houses” and the former buildings used for the farm were conceived by Count Roberto as early as the late 1960’s, thus making the Castle of Gargonza one of the first historic hotel in Tuscany.

In 1972, with an article in the Sunday Times, the first restored houses were proposed for mostly weekly rentals. Already in the 1970s, with the restoration of the ancient Olive Mill, concerts, theatre, music master classes and other cultural events were organized. Today, in addition to concerts and events, the Frantoio room is also used for meetings and team building activities. The first part of restoration was completed in 1979 and after that, starting in 1986, the first rooms of the “Foresteria” located at the entrance to the village along the walls were restored.

Thus was born one of the first Bed & Breakfast in an historic house in Tuscany.

Almost 50 years after the beginning of the activity, the Castle of Gargonza is still owned by the heirs of Count Roberto. The last son, Neri Guicciardini with his wife Elisa, carry on the hospitality in this small Tuscan village.

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Gargonza, located in the heart of Tuscan hills, is a thirteen-century fortified medieval village reminescent of the toy forts that children enjoy building on the floor, spending hours moving around the tower or the well, enclosing houses inside a thick wall which no enemy can break through…