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Romantic weekend in Tuscany: 3 tips for planning one

Romantic weekend in Tuscany: 3 tips for planning one

There are times when all you want is to unplug, escape from the routine and indulge in some pampering. Of course, in the company of one’s better half.

This article is dedicated to all those for whom that moment has arrived! However, not all experiences are suitable for a romantic getaway in Tuscany.

So we will give you all the useful info to organize a romantic weekend in Tuscany, the region that offers everything you need to spend a few truly magical days.

Choose the destination: where to go for a romantic weekend in Tuscany?

The first thing to do is to choose your destination.

Tuscany is a very diverse region so it depends on what you love to do and what you would like to see. The art cities, the countryside and the small medieval villages are definitely some of the main attractions so ideally you should choose a destination that gives you the possibility to reach these places relatively easily and quickly.

Among the art cities to visit are definitely Siena and Arezzo. On the other hand, we do not recommend Florence, not because it is not worth it but because it would deserve a separate trip because it is impossible to see everything in one romantic weekend in Tuscany.

Instead, the most beautiful medieval villages can be found in the areas of Val d’Orcia, Val di Chiana and Chianti, which are also hilly landscapes worth visiting.

Organize couple activities

Since it’s a romantic weekend in Tuscany, don’t forget to plan activities to do as a couple.

Here are some ideas for an unforgettable romantic getaway in Tuscany.

  • Natural spas. Being pampered by the gentle streams of warm waterfalls is one of the most romantic and relaxing activities you can choose. There are numerous spas in Tuscany where you can enjoy a wonderful and relaxing day.
  • Winery tastings. On the other hand, if you both love wine and good food, a guided tasting in one of the wineries in Chianti, Val di Chiana or Val d’Orcia is definitely a great way to spend the day. In fact, Tuscany is one of the most famous lands in the world for its wine tradition.
  • Forest therapy. Are you an active couple who love being outdoors? Then a walk in the woods is what will make your romantic weekend in Tuscany really special. It will be literally regenerating to immerse yourself completely in nature.

The accommodation: choose a romantic location

Finally comes the time to choose the perfect accommodation for a romantic getaway in Tuscany. It will have to be a location equipped with every comfort to allow you to spend your time in a pleasant way when you return after a day out.

Ideally, it should be a place with a romantic atmosphere, perhaps equipped with a nice pool and a restaurant where you can treat yourself to a candlelight dinner. The rooms should be furnished with attention to detail and in a comfortable way.

But the most important thing is the context in which the facility is located. Being on a busy street or in a suburban apartment building would have nothing romantic about it, right? Better a place out of the confusion, perhaps in the hills but still close to points of interest.

Gargonza’s packages for a romantic weekend in Tuscany

Gargonza Castle is the perfect place to spend a romantic weekend in Tuscany.

It is located on a hill between Val di Chiana, Val d’Orcia and Chianti, halfway between Siena and Arezzo. This will allow you to reach some of the most picturesque points of interest in Tuscany. And it is not just a hotel but an entire perfectly preserved medieval village, with its castle and many historic buildings where you will find rooms and apartments furnished in the traditional Tuscan style.

Gargonza also offers a restaurant and an outdoor swimming pool, as well as the opportunity to stroll through the village’s narrow streets on a journey out of time.

In addition, there are packages designed for those who want to spend an unforgettable romantic weekend.

Weekend with dinner and massage

Our most relaxing package!

We offer you two nights in a classic room or apartment with a fireplace and a relaxing 60-minute couples massage. Plus, you’ll have breakfast and a typical Tuscan dinner to enjoy in our panoramic lounge.

Find out more about the weekend package with dinner and massage.

Love escape in Tuscany

The Love Escape package, on the other hand, is designed for those who want to spend just one night out.

We offer you an overnight stay in a superior double room with breakfast and a bottle of wine to sip at sunset with a beautiful view of the Val di Chiana. It will be a true romantic getaway in Tuscany!

Find out more about the Escape for Two in Tuscany package.

If you would like to learn more about our accommodation proposals, please contact us.

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