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Tuscany in summer: 3 alternatives to the sea

Tuscany in summer: 3 alternatives to the sea

Tuscany in the summer is not just about sea, beach and sun.

For those who do not like to find themselves in the heat among the crowds vying for a place on the shore, or simply for those who want to spend a different day than usual, there are many alternatives. Summer vacation in Tuscany can be fun but also interesting, rich in culture and relaxing.

In this article we give you three alternatives to experience Tuscany in the summer even while staying away from the beaches!

What to do in Tuscany in the summer without going to the beach?

Summer in Tuscany offers a thousand opportunities to immerse yourself in the history, culture and art of this land. You will discover hidden treasures and enjoy the tranquility of nature away from the crowds of beaches.

Here are three ideas for your summer vacation in Tuscany.

Casentino Forest National Park, for the adventurous

If what you are looking for is an experience in direct contact with nature, a day in the Casentino Forests National Park is ideal.

We are in the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines and the view is one of endless forests of beech, oak and fir trees, which provide pleasant shade and a cool breeze even on the sultriest summer days in Tuscany.

The Park of the Casentino Forests is dotted with more or less challenging trails, which will allow you to delve into the most unspoiled nature and discover truly evocative landscapes. Streams flowing between rocks and waterfalls, small natural lakes and ancient monasteries hidden in the woods. And as you walk, you might catch a glimpse of some wild animals living free in these forests.

All you have to do is to choose from the many trails of different lengths and difficulties and set off to discover the Tuscan nature.

Spas, for relaxation and refreshment

tuscany in summer at the spa

If you don’t like the sea, you better know that this is not the just way to have a dip. In fact, Tuscany is full of natural spas that allow you to cool off and relax without the stress of the beach. Surrounded by breathtaking scenery, surrounded by lush hills and extensive vineyards, Tuscan spas offer the perfect opportunity to completely unplug.

Spa facilities feature outdoor and indoor pools, with more or less warm waters rich in minerals valuable to our well-being. In addition, most facilities offer many rejuvenating treatments and therapies such as massages, mud baths, saunas and whirlpools, designed to regenerate the body and mind. There is nothing better than experiencing a hot Tuscan summer day splashing around in rejuvenating waters.

If you want to learn about some of the most renowned spas in Tuscany, read this article.

The Val d’Orcia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site to explore

summer in val d'orcia in tuscany

The Val d’Orcia is a Unesco World Heritage region, and you only need to take a look at the views it offers to understand why! Rolling hills full of golden wheat alternate with rows of cypress trees on the horizon and vineyards as far as the eye can see, making for an evocative backdrop that has become the epitome of postcards from the Tuscan countryside.

Don’t let the heat discourage you because, apart from the drive, this area enjoys shady avenues and a gentle breeze that makes even the sultriest of days bear up without a problem. In addition, the small medieval villages that are scattered throughout the Val d’Orcia provide a cool respite from the heat of the Tuscan summer: shady alleys and stone buildings keep the air cool and make for pleasant walks.

The ideal way to visit the Val d’Orcia during your summer vacation in Tuscany is to prepare an itinerary made up of several medieval villages, perhaps a winery with wine tasting and a typical restaurant where you can enjoy Tuscan cuisine. Between stops, you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes.

Summer vacation in Tuscany: where to stay

During your summer stay in Tuscany, you can sleep at Castello di Gargonza.

We are located halfway between Arezzo and Siena, so in a strategic position to reach Casentino, Val d’Orcia and some of the most renowned spas in the region.

Our hamlet has remained intact as it was in the Middle Ages, with its newly restored tower, cobblestone alleys and numerous houses that are now classic or superior rooms and apartments with every comfort. You will be cool, surrounded by the woods of the Val di Chiana, and you will have a store with typical products, a rich breakfast and a restaurant offering Tuscan cuisine.

What are you waiting for to plan your summer vacation in Tuscany?

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