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Arezzo Cuisine: Typical Dishes of Arezzo

Arezzo Cuisine: Typical Dishes of Arezzo

The area of Arezzo is famous for the production of various types of products. Among these are olive oil, beans (Fagiolo Zolfino, Fagiolo Coco Nano, Fagiolo dall’Occhio, Cece Piccino), cheeses (goat, sheep, ricotta, and Abbucciato Aretino), and honey.

The area is also renowned for its meats (Valdarno chicken, Chianina beef) and cold cuts (Capocollo, Finocchiona, Tuscan Dop ham, Tuscan salami, Soprassata, Tarese del Valdarno). Among the local classics are Mugellano tortelli (filled with potatoes and meat sauce), “all’aretina” (sliced beef), ribollita (a type of soup), pici with wild boar (pasta with wild boar), tripe alla aretina, rabbit with fennel, and pappardelle and Aretine goose.

The local wine of the Colli Aretini is the perfect accompaniment to the meal, which should end with a plate of cantuccini and Vin Santo.

Being in the Tuscan hinterland, the typical dishes of the city of Arezzo refer to meat, particularly Chianina.

Other traditional dishes include pork liver and acquacotta, eggs beaten with onions and tomatoes. Scottiglia is a hearty stew with beef, chicken, guinea fowl, and rabbit. Rabbit in porchetta and grifi, veal snout with tomato, are other typical dishes of Arezzo meat.

Arezzo Cuisine for Food Lovers. Dinner Places: the Best Restaurants

The Arezzo minimalism is the main distinguishing feature of local cuisine. Arezzo chefs pay attention primarily to the taste of dishes, while the aesthetics of the place and the unusual service are not considered of primary importance.

Traditional Tuscan cuisine might seem too simple to some tourists, but lovers of a rustic and authentic lifestyle will appreciate it. Only the freshest and finest products are used to cook the food, chefs carefully control the optimal combination of ingredients to create nutritious and healthy dishes. Every national cuisine restaurant offers homemade food and magnificent Italian wine.

Meat delicacy lovers will appreciate the Florentine steak.

This dish is prepared with prime quality beef. The fresh meat is cooked over the fire with almost no spices and various marinades to preserve the natural taste and aroma. It’s important to remember that in Arezzo, meat and fish are rarely grilled or roasted in the oven: locals prefer to roast them over fire or in a bonfire. Prosciutto crudo is a traditional dish of the region. It’s usually served together with stewed beans as a side dish. Extra virgin olive oil has always played a significant role in national cuisine. Freshly baked bread and olive oil are always present on Italian tables. Tuscan appetizer is another interesting dish recommended for tourists to try. Sliced salami and ham are served with bread and a little olive oil. Among the first courses, locals prefer the first soup. Of course, every restaurant offers traditional Italian pasta and risotto. Vegetarian guests will have the pleasure of trying various salads and vegetable soups that are always on the menu regardless of the season.

If you want to try something truly authentic, order crostino, a dish usually found in small restaurants and cafes. It consists of small appetizers made of slices of bread, olives, sauces, pâté, and fresh vegetables. Locals often start dinner with this appetizer. When it comes to desserts, here Arezzo guests truly have an embarrassment of choice. They can order traditional European sweets or choose to try a truly Italian dessert: a plate of cheeses with schiacciata.

Typical dishes of Arezzo cuisine

Arezzo cuisine is rich in flavors and tradition. Here are some of the typical dishes:


  • Crostini neri: roasted Tuscan bread soaked in a broth of liver, anchovies, capers, and chicken.
  • Tortelli alla lastra: fresh pasta tortelli stuffed with ricotta and chard, baked.
  • Pappa al pomodoro: a soup made of stale bread, tomato, basil, and extra virgin olive oil.

First courses:

  • Maccheroni aretini: fresh pasta similar to tagliatelle, seasoned with goose sauce.
  • Bringoli: hand-pulled spaghetti, dressed with tomato sauce or wild boar ragout.
  • Bread soup: soup made of stale bread, vegetables, and beans.

Main courses:

  • Scottiglia: stew of mixed meat (beef, chicken, pork, and lamb) with vegetables and tomato.
  • Peposo: beef stew with black pepper and red wine.
  • Bistecca alla fiorentina: Chianina beef steak, grilled.


  • Baldino: sponge cake with chocolate glaze.
  • Lattaiolo: milk pudding with amaretti and candied fruits.
  • Apple pie: rustic cake with apples, pine nuts, and raisins.


  • Chianti Classico: red wine DOCG produced in the Chianti area, between Florence and Siena.
  • Vino Nobile di Montepulciano: red wine DOCG produced in the Montepulciano area, in the province of Siena.
  • Val d’Orcia DOC: red, white, and rosé wine produced in the Val d’Orcia area, in the province of Siena.

In addition to these typical dishes, Arezzo cuisine also offers many other specialties, such as cold cuts, cheeses, mushrooms, and olives.

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