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Weekend at the spa in Tuscany, romantic and relaxing

Weekend at the spa in Tuscany, romantic and relaxing

Treating yourself to a spa weekend in Tuscany is the perfect opportunity to relax and carve out a romantic break from your daily routine. Between hot baths, spas, whirlpools and mud baths, a small vacation that allows you to enjoy maximum relaxation surrounded by the wonder of the Tuscan countryside. Even just a weekend is enough to recharge your batteries.

Spas in Tuscany, however, are many: which are the most beautiful wellness resorts where you can spend a relaxing weekend with your better half?

Where to go for a romantic spa weekend in Tuscany?

Tuscany is known for its hot springs, but among all of them there are three that are noteworthy, because of their location, their curative qualities, and their structure.
Let’s see which are the best spas to go to in Tuscany to spend a relaxing weekend.


Its two spas, the Antica Querciolaia and the Terme di San Giovanni, are places of peace surrounded by unparalleled views. The historic “Antica Querciolaiaspa preserves the travertine pool where Giuseppe Garibaldi was treated, and the “San Giovannispa is famous for its thermal pools surrounded by a horizon of vineyards and olive trees.


The Chianciano thermal baths represent excellence in curative and aesthetic treatments, being able to take advantage of the presence of the purest mineral waters and an optimal geographic location to allow full recovery from endless ailments and complete relaxation.

In addition, the Chianciano spa offers several pools, each with a unique design and a different pathway.


The Acqua Borra free baths are very well known in Tuscany not only because they gush out very warm streams of water with extraordinary therapeutic efficacy, but above all because of the indisputable beauty of the view. Moreover, they are the only free spa in Tuscany so it is well worth making a stop at this spectacular place, just a stone’s throw from Siena.

Where to stay over the weekend at the spa in Tuscany

If you’re planning to spend a relaxing weekend at a spa in Tuscany,whether it’s a natural spaor a baths with a spa,the important thing is to be able to unplug a bit from the hustle and bustle of daily life and enjoy hours of total relaxation. In order not to interrupt the relaxation of body and mind, it is essential to stay in a place that is close to the spa and that makes you feel immersed in the greenery of nature.

Gargonza Castle is definitely one of the best choices you can make. In fact, it boasts a strategic location with respect to the Tuscan spas we have mentioned in this article. Moreover, only a place like Gargonza will be able to totally immerse you in what is the romantic and relaxing spirit of the spa! A medieval village surrounded by the Val di Chiana Woods, where everything seems to have stopped in time.

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