Typical Tuscan cooking class in the castle of Gargonza

corso di cucina toscana tipica

Pappa al pomodoro, steak, meat sauces and fresh pasta are just a few of Tuscany’s world-famous culinary specialties . Of course, all accompanied by an excellent glass of red wine!

To help you experience all this, we organize a typical Tuscan cooking class for our guests who wish to have a unique culinary experience. During the course you will not only learn some typical Tuscan techniques and preparations but you will hear the history of the recipes, smell the most genuine ingredients and discover the gastronomic traditions of our region.

Here is how our Tuscan cooking class works.

Our Tuscan cooking class is a journey through the flavors and traditions

We have structured our Tuscan cooking class so that you can taste some typical preparations and to reveal some secrets of our culinary tradition.

The “Hands in Pasta” package.

We titled the course “Mani in Pasta” because the focus will be on making fresh pasta. In about two and a half hours, our chef will teach you how to make perfect typical Tuscan fresh pasta, using just a few simple ingredients, as per the poor peasant tradition. If you wish, you can also request to make gluten-free fresh pasta.

In addition to fresh pasta, you will learn how to prepare a typical traditional Tuscan sauce of your choice: from classic tomato to rich meat sauces, including vegetarian sauces made with mushrooms or truffles.

Finally, our Tuscan cooking class chef will teach you how to prepare a typical Tuscan appetizer or dessert, depending on your preference.

At the end of the Tuscan cooking class there will be lunch with what we prepared together! In this way the experience will be truly complete and you will remember it forever.

Discover the “Hands in Pasta” package

Cooking themed team building courses

For corporate groups looking to regain fellowship and create a cohesive and collaborative team, a culinary team building is the perfect experience!

We propose several culinary team-building proposals: participants will have to compete with each other in some way, but at the same time make it clear how everyone contributes to a unique project. Participants will make fresh pasta, pizza and bread baked in our ancient wood-fired oven, but not only that. We can organize a garden tour, where everyone will have to do their part, or a wine tasting or freestyle cocktail competition.

If you want to set up a culinary team for your corporate group, write to us and we will find the perfect solution for you!

Write to us to ask for information

Why take a typical Tuscan cooking class?

typical tuscan cooking course in gargonza

There are many reasons why you should take a Tuscan cooking class if you are vacationing in this region.

  • Learning the secrets of Tuscan cooking. Simple, genuine, and rich in flavor, the Tuscan culinary tradition is world famous, and taking a Tuscan cooking class will allow you to discover the secrets of authentic techniques and recipes that you won’t find in cookbooks.
  • Discovering new ingredients and flavors. Tuscan cuisine uses many local ingredients, which not everyone knows because they are typical of this region. These include salt-free bread, different kinds of cheeses, finocchiona and many other delicacies to be discovered.
  • Having fun and socializing. Tuscan cooking classes are also perfect for sharing an experience with colleagues and creating an atmosphere of sharing and collaboration. It is no coincidence that many companies choose Tuscan cooking classes as a team-building opportunity.

If you are passionate about gastronomy and recipes, a Tuscan cooking class is therefore perfect for discovering the culinary culture of one of the most beautiful regions in the world.

It will be an experience that will forever remain in your memories! Contact us to receive information.