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Corporate retreats: 5 reasons to organize one for your employees

Corporate retreats: 5 reasons to organize one for your employees

They have always been one of the best ways to build team spirit in a work group, and after a stop due to Covid, they are now slowly catching on in many companies. These are corporate retreats.

Basically, organized trips that bring together all the people who work in the same company, perhaps in different locations (and therefore cities) or mainly remotely. During the corporate retreat, a variety of activities are organized, relaxing moments are shared, and enjoyable time is spent all together.

But what specifically is a corporate retreat for? What benefits can it bring to the work in your company? And how is it organized?

5 reasons to organize a corporate retreat

The benefits that can come from a corporate retreat are many.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider organizing one.


The main reason companies organize a corporate retreat is to fortify team spirit. Like any team-building event, a corporate retreat involves a series of activities in which employees must work together to achieve a goal. Collaboration is the main driver of team spirit.


Covid has brought so many people who previously shared an office to work remotely. Not to mention those who work in different locations or perhaps have always worked in smart working. All of these people, by necessity, do not know each other because they have never spent time together. Allowing them to get to know each other during a company retreat allows them to build better working relationships and establish greater confidence.


Different types of activities can be organized during a corporate retreat so that everyone has the opportunity to perform at their best!

From culinary team building to sports activities, each team member will have the opportunity to express themselves and give space to their talents, thus feeling part of the group and an essential element of a team. Those organizing the corporate retreat should therefore be able to provide engaging activities for everyone.


A corporate retreat is still a vacation so there should also be time to relax. Leaving employees free to spend time doing nothing is helpful both to let them recharge their batteries and to provide them with space where they can really feel like they are on vacation.

And when they return to work they will leave with much more energy!


A happy employee is one who identifies with his company, shares its values, and feels empathy from management. A corporate retreat is a great way to make your employees feel that they are valued and appreciated for what they do every day.

Receiving rewards like this makes any employee more in touch with the company they work for.

How to organize a corporate retreat

Now that you know all the benefits that can come from a corporate retreat, here are some tips on how to organize one for your employees.

  • Duration. Corporate retreats usually last from two to four days at most.
  • Location. Choose a place that is easy for everyone to get to and where you will have the opportunity to do various activities on site. Also, better if it can offer full board as well.
  • Activities. A key aspect, of course, concerns the activities to be organized: you need to plan a clear schedule and agree with the venue you choose on what activities you want to organize.

Corporate retreat at Gargonza Castle

Gargonza Castle is the ideal location to organize a corporate retreat for your employees. Gargonza Castle is the ideal location to organize a corporate retreat for your employees. We have plenty of space to accommodate all team members, a full board service and a choice of different types of activities and where to hold meetings and conferences.

We have hosted many corporate retreats from companies all over the world: from culinary team building to treasure hunts in the 500 acres of forest to team games in the pool.

You can arrange the corporate retreat based on your needs.

Contact us if you would like to receive more information.

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