Classic Rooms

3 double or twin rooms, 1 quadruple room and 1 triple room. The rooms are located in the guest quarters of the Manor House, once used as the offices of Gargonza Farm. The guesthouse is located along the city wall and overlooks the Chiana Valley and the forest.

Each room has a private bathroom with shower, minibar and telephone.

2 Classic, double or twin rooms are located inside the House of Factor I, situated among the alleys of Gargonza. On the second floor, facing southeast, bright and cozy, they are double or twin and have bathrooms with bathtub or shower.

Casa Canapino

The studio apartment is located within the hamlet, facing a beautiful oak garden that overlooks a forest.
This is superior accommodation with a double bed and an additional single bed.

The fireplace is located directly across from the bed and has a kitchenette and minibar. A tea/coffee set is available. The bathroom is equipped with a bathtub/shower.

In this house lived Nello Maffei. His son Sabatino was a well-known actor and folk singer and dancer. Sabatino also wrote funny rhymes based on the lives of former villagers. Canapino was also the house where many gargonzini gathered. The first television set was installed in Gargonza in this house on a high chair almost like an altar so that everyone could watch it!

Casa Pacche

Casa Pacche is located inside the hamlet with access from a stone ramp. It overlooks a garden and the woods surrounding the village.

The apartment has entrance hall with living room, kitchenette and living room with fireplace. Double bed and third single bed, bathroom with bathtub.

Casa Palle

Casa Palle is located within the village with a beautiful view of the Val di Chiana. It is on the second floor with access by a flight of stone stairs and has private terrace.

Access to the second floor, with separate entrance, private terrace overlooking the valley. Living room with fireplace and kitchenette and sofas. Double room with view, with bathroom with bathtub.

Casa Pietrino

Casa Pietrino is located within the village with a beautiful view of the Val di Chiana. It is on the second floor, but on two attic floors, with access by a steep flight of stone stairs.

The second floor is accessed from where there is a beautiful view of both the valley and a garden. Inside is the living room with a fireplace and kitchenette. The second floor is accessed by steep wooden stairs to the master bedroom with bathroom with tub/shower.

Casa Niccolina

The apartment is on the central street of the village. Suite with fireplace in front of the bed, 3 windows overlooking the alleys of the village and a small garden. Cozy and comfortable with small kitchenette.

Casa Niccolina is a studio apartment with a double bed in a large room with living area, fireplace and bathroom, tub/shower.

Casa Cave

Located in the center of the village on the mezzanine floor with a room with a view, Casa Cave has entrance hall with living room and third bed and double bedroom with bathroom with tub/shower. The room is equipped with a mini-bar and kettle. Accommodates 3 guests in absolute comfort. It faces south with views of ilex and woods.

Fattore II – Room 23

Fattore II – room 23, facing east, is a Junior Suite with bath and shower, minibar and kettle, hallway with sofa bed and a beautiful view of the village tower. The bathroom is large and has a nice view of a rose garden. It is equipped with a comfortable shower and a bathtub.

When necessary communicating with Fattore II, room 22.

Foresteria 4

Foresteria 4 is a quadruple classic junior suite, double (or twin), with living room with sofa bed, two bathrooms (one with bathtub and one with shower), minibar and kettle.
It faces the road that runs along the village wall, next to the entrance gate and overlooking the valley.