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Tuscan cuisine in Arezzo: restaurants around Monte San Savino

Tuscan cuisine in Arezzo: restaurants around Monte San Savino

Eating in Tuscany is a real gastronomic experience, a pleasure for the palate.

In fact, Tuscan cuisine is very rich in flavorful and tasty dishes that come directly from the peasant tradition: these are recipes of poor origin, often salvaged, often made with what was in the pantry and the vegetable garden. And then there are the wines, the meat, the oil, the handmade pasta….

In this gastronomic panorama, each area of the region has its own particularities and characteristic recipes. In this article we are going to explore Tuscan cuisine in and around Arezzo and give you some tips on restaurants in Monte San Savino and other localities in the area where you can enjoy these specialties.

Tuscan cuisine in and around Arezzo: specialties

In Arezzo we find some particularly tasty typical Tuscan dishes. Here are some recipes that we recommend you try if you are on vacation in this area.

Obviously this is an earthy, rich and flavorful cuisine, often based on meat.


In the Val di Chiana there is only one queen: the Chianina! This breed is famous all over the world for its tenderness and its rich, tasty, unmistakable flavor. It is served in large steaks, of at least 1 kg, and should be eaten strictly rare! In some areas it is served with a typical Valdarno sauce, made with salted anchovies, capers and local extra virgin olive oil.


This dish is something truly distinctive: fegatelli are pieces of pork liver that are wrapped by the pig’s net and then seasoned with bay leaf, wild fennel, salt, pepper and oil. They are then grilled or cooked in a pan.

They are a very old recipe, records are found dating as far back as the 14th century.


Potato tortelli are a specialty of Casentino, so you will find them mostly in the upper part of Arezzo. The potato used is strictly the red one from Cetica, which is used for the filling along with rigatino, parsley, garlic, rosemary, Parmesan, eggs, salt and pepper.

For seasoning, butter and sage or rich meat or mushroom sauces are usually used.


Maccheroni in Arezzo is a type of fresh pasta cut into large 7-10 cm squares, almost like lasagna. They are seasoned with sugo d’ocio, which is a tasty sauce made from the local goose, in Tuscany called “ocio”.

The goose is an animal that the sharecropper did not have to share with the landowner so it is an ingredient that comes from the peasant tradition.


Acquacotta is a recipe found throughout Tuscany but is typical of the Maremma, which borders the Arezzo area. It is a delicious and rich soup made with onions, beaten eggs and tomato, which is served with toasted slices of bread, strictly Tuscan and therefore without salt.

You will find it in many restaurants in Monte San Savino, Arezzo and Maremma.


Famous all over the world, porchetta di Monte San Savino can be found in restaurants in the area but also in delicatessens.

It is the whole pig in a crust, which is baked in the oven and flavored with a pesto of salt and herbs, among which wild fennel stands out. A real treat to eat accompanied by Tuscan bread. Soft, juicy and flavorful, it is a must-try specialty in a restaurant in or around Monte San Savino.

Restaurants in and around Monte San Savino

This of course is just a taste of the Tuscan cuisine that can be found in and around Arezzo. The surprises that the gastronomy of this region has in store are truly countless and you will certainly not go away unsatisfied. All of course to be accompanied by the excellent local wines.