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Tuscan cooking classes in the Castle of Gargonza

Tuscan cooking classes in the Castle of Gargonza

A Tuscan cooking class is a very fun and engaging time of sharing. Even those who don’t particularly like to cook or don’t feel very gifted will surely get hooked on making traditional Tuscan homemade dishes. Our region is rich in ancient recipes that come from the peasant culture and tell the story of the area better than anything else.

Traditional Tuscan dishes are poor, made with leftovers from the garden and the less noble parts of cuts of meat. Starting from scraps, Tuscan peasants have managed to create dishes that have survived over the centuries and still speak of an authentic, straightforward region with character, just like its cuisine.

Why take a Tuscan cooking class?

Taking a cooking class is not only fun, there are many positive spin-offs from this activity. Here are some benefits of taking a Tuscan cooking class.

  • It helps to create a strong and close-knit team. This is why it is often chosen as the theme of team building days. Working in the kitchen means coordinating, helping each other and creating an engaging, informal, friendly environment.
  • It offers great satisfaction because, by the end of the Tuscan cooking course, you will have accomplished something concrete and tangible (as well as delicious!). Achieving a goal after making a commitment is always a source of personal satisfaction.
  • It allows you to learn even more about the culture and tradition of the area where you are. A Tuscan cooking class not only teaches you how to make fresh pasta but also helps you immerse yourself in the history of this region and its peasant origins.
  • It is fun! Last reason but no less important than the others: taking a cooking class is really fun, especially for food lovers.

And at the end of the Tuscan cooking class you will take home a beautiful memory but also the secrets to perfect fresh pasta or cantuccini made to perfection!

Tuscan cooking class at Gargonza Castle

At our Castle we have been organizing Tuscan cooking classes for many years now. In fact, we are convinced that offering our guests the opportunity to put their hands to pasta and learn more about the Tuscan culinary tradition is a way to make their stay even more unforgettable. The typical Tuscan cuisine served at La Torre di Gargonza Restaurant reflects the authenticity of our Borgo.

We gladly share it with our guests through group Tuscan cooking classes.

  • Minimum number of participants: 6 people.
  • Maximum of participants: 50 people.
  • The location will be our panoramic hall.
  • Lunch or dinner is included, subject to availability.
  • We also organize culinary team building designed for companies in collaboration with outside corporate chefs and trainers.

Rolling out the pasta sheets for a tasty noodle or whipping eggs for a dessert are some of the things you will learn, but that’s not all. You will take home the memory of a fun time spent together.

Write to us if you would like to learn more about our Tuscan cooking classes.