Plex 2015 Meeting at Gargonza Castle

PLEX 2015 meeting at Gargonza Castle

We had the pleasure of having for a week, the staff of Plex and really enjoyed collaborating with the agency who organized the meeting An incredible quantity of activities where organized for a week at the village, involving all grounds of Gargonza, from the swimming pool for a relaxing Tuscan style buffet dinner to the magic of the 13th century medieval tower square where the Gala Dinner toke place the last evening. A pizza night and a BBQ completed the dinners at La Torre di Gargonza.

Many activities where organized during the week, from Classic Vespa tours to FIAT 500 sight seeing around the Tuscan valleys of Val di Chiana and Chianti. An archery session was also organized inside the gardens of the village.

The Plex 2015 meeting in Gargonza was possible thanks to Maurizio and Ilaria from

A big thank you to Sean Hoff and his staff and Keith Valory alias “el jefe” of Plex for choosing Gargonza!