People of Gargonza – Stories of our houses: Casa Argentina

Gargonza’s children abroad

efac882b-c5c2-455e-bfb2-58eb92f042feOn an autumn day in Gargonza, I see an American couple arriving at the reception. I’m standing at the front desk and ready with my hand under the counter to pull out my brochure and start my “minute show” on Gargonza and its restoration but this time I am the one who gets an incredible presentation.

I am in front of Dr. Lawrence Rossi Jr., one of the many great-grandchildren of Lorenzo Rossi, veterinarian of Gargonza who lived in the House of Argentina (Rossi) in Gargonza. What a memorable moment seeing an extremely touched Lawrence and his wife who leaf through the pages of my father’s book Il Borgo Castellano di Gargonza and retrace the life of  Nello Rossi, Lawrence grandfather who emigrated to America in 1900. Or those of his father Dr. Lawrence J. Rossi posing in a picture in 1995 during his visit to my father’s garden  in our house in Gargonza.

We visited the whole village together and I showed Kimberly and Lawrence, the former Olive press room, the Limonaia garden in ancient times the wash house of the town and the House of Argentina. Lawrence is full of anecdoct about his grandmother Isolina Bonjean Rossi wife of Nello and figure always very remembered in the book of my father Roberto Guicciardini. In fact, the House of Argentina and Pietrino were not owned by Gargonza estate but were purchased by my father in 1967 from the numerous Rossi heirs. The photo of Lorenzo Rossi who is still in the Casa Argentina was given by Isolina to my father in 1973. He placed above the fireplace  in the house as a sign of gratitude to the former inhabitants of Gargonza.

Here are some pictures of past and present of Casa Argentina!


Thanks Lawrence and Kimberly for coming back to Gargonza. It is thanks to your visit that we can thus maintain a bond between the old inhabitants of Gargonza, your descendants, and their Houses of Gargonza.