Gargonza’s kitchen: Pici all’aglione

Ingredients for Pici

1 kg of “00” flour
400 gr water
40 gr of extra virgin olive oil

Ingredients for “Aglione” sauce

6 garlic cloves
100 gr of cherry tomates
olive oil

Pici is particular kind of pasta which is made in the central part of Tuscany; mainly in Val d’Orcia and Val di Chiana, which is the valley were Castello di Gargonza is. The particularity is that is made only with flour, water and olive oil.

Few words on our sauce for this typical recipe of the Val di Chiana. Aglione is literally named “big garlic” because it is a particular variety of garlic with bigger cloves. Taste is also sweeter. Aglione is also called “kissing garlic” because it is easier to digest!. There are not many varieties of the recipe so what we suggest is to have the garlic cream with either chopped cherry tomatoes or with peperoncino.

Preparation for the Pici

With the flour on the table make a hole as if it was a small volcano and pour water slowly by little mixing the dow and you will see that the flour will soak the water little by little. Add the olive oil together with the water. It will take you at least 15 minutes to make the dow. The dow has to be smoth and tender and you then have to let it rest in the fridge for 1 hour. Take a piece of dow and start to roll up the dow in order to make a thicker spaghetti.

In boiling salted water cook the Pici and allow them at least a 10/15 cooking and when are “al dente” you can drain the pasta and sautée with the garlic sauce

Preparation of the sauce

Whisk the cloves and make a cream out of them. Cook them with olive oil in a pan until they turn a little lighter yellow colour. Add a little hot water (from the pasta is ok). Then you can add few cherry tomatoes and continue cooking for 5/10 minutes, add a little salt and your Pici all’Aglione are ready! You can avoid puting tomatoes and add some peperoncino.