long list of appointments for dante alighieri’s 700 years celebrations during this year2021 and even gargonza in the scenes!

In these days there has been a shooting for a documentary for the Italian National Broadcast RAI, to analyse the figure of Dante Alighieri and its relevance for our contemporary life and society.

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Le cyprès géant

Ce cyprès majestueux se trouve devant la ferme “Le Ville” habitée jusque dans les années 1960 et située le long d’un de nos sentiers de randonnée dans le domaine de Gargonza. Ce cyprès de plus de 10 mètres de haut a un diamètre de tronc de 3 mètres. On peut presque se cacher à l’intérieur.

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We present Aldo Micheli, our prime mason of Gargonza since 1960

Unfortunately we cannot show you photos of our guests arriving, exquisite food that comes out of our kitchen or fancy table settings. However, this gives us the great opportunity to tell you about the stories of the former inhabitants of Gargonza which can be of great help during these uncertain times rediscovering their enthusiasm. 

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AZIENDA CASTELLO DI GARGONZA – SOCIETA’ A RESPONSABILITA’ LIMITATA “Operazione/Progetto finanziato nel quadro del POR FESR 2014-2020” Progetto: Internazionalizzazione di CASTELLO DI GARGONZA CUP ST: CUP 12057.23072018.164000086   Il progetto ha come scopo principale quello di dare visibilità e promuovere CASTELLO DI GARGONZA sui mercati internazionali.   “AZIENDA*CASTELLO DI GARGONZA – SOCIETA’ A RESPONSABILITA’ LIMITATA

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Forest Therapy at Gargonza

Let us open to spring flavors and you can take advantage of a weekend in the tranquility and peace of Gargonza, you cannot miss enjoying a walk in our estate with Lauretta Mazza. Lauretta, like us, loves Gargonza and always comes to re-create herself in the quiet of our woods. Mindfulness teacher, Lauretta will take

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Team Building Activities & Corporate Events in Tuscany

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Try team building in Tuscany (Italy) at Castello di Gargonza if you want to reward, motivate, inspire and educate your workforce. There are few destinations as inspiring as the Tuscany, whit fine art, great food and wine! We specialise in team building in Tuscany with a focus on unique activities and events. Take advantage of

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Facebook Rewiews

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– Raffaella Croce La cura dei dettagli…la grazia del cucina delicata..completano la bellissima atmosfera che si percepisce in una incantevole location ☀️ – Amelia Loiodice Un castello incantato come nelle fiabe esperienza stupenda ottima accoglienza sia al ristorante che la colazione grande varietà tutto molto curato insomma consiglio vivamente questo meraviglioso castello – Carolina

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Long stays in Gargonza

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Dear friends, with the increase of smart working, we have decided to offer the availability of our homes for longer stays within the village. After all, Gargonza was inhabited by a permanent community up to 60 years ago! The names of the each apartment inside the village is not made out of fantasy but itRead More