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Wedding Season Trends in Tuscany: What to Expect in 2024

Wedding Season Trends in Tuscany: What to Expect in 2024

Weddings are unlike any other type of celebration because they balance a series of expected traditions with a desire to have fun.

But what are the 2024 trends for the wedding season?

At Castello di Gargonza, we have the pleasure of hosting many unique and exclusive receptions every year to celebrate love, let’s see what to expect throughout 2024.

Friday Ceremony, Saturday Party

Consider the idea of getting married one day and having the party the next day. Separating the sacred from the profane kills two birds with one stone. In this way, you open up unlimited possibilities for the party (themes, decorations, dress codes, entertainment, menu).

Flowers Inspired by Dutch Floral Designers

The influence of floral design inspired by Dutch masters is also evident this year: couples are adapting to the trend of artistic scenographies, full of fruit, with creative arrangements, often darker.

Slices of Wedding Cake and Dessert Islands to Take Away

The dessert moment becomes more informal: many people choose to serve slices of wedding cake only to the guests who want them and to put the remaining ones in personalized takeaway boxes to leave to the guests before the farewells.

The switch to more original desserts is nothing new, but themed islands are! More and more often we see stands of only fruit, mignon pastries or themed desserts based on the location.

Drone Shows Instead of Fireworks

Enter the era of the drone show! This innovative show offers a fresh and elevated version of the traditional fireworks display (often too expensive). Drone shows are not only more environmentally friendly, thanks to the absence of smoke associated with fireworks, but they also provide more customization and choreography options to reflect the couple’s unique story.

Digital Guest Books

In 2024, the traditional guest book gives way to an innovative digital experience. The digital guest book offers couples a more engaging journey through the wishes shared by their guests. Imagine reliving your special day with the possibility of revisiting moving photos, engaging videos and touching audio messages, all interwoven with the narration of the day you shared.

Documentary-Style Photography

A documentary style in photography and social content will be a top priority in 2024. Couples want fewer posed portraits and more candid content. A dedicated team of photographers, videographers and content creators will be brought on site to capture and publish the event in real time.

Private Ceremonies

2024 will bring less exaggerated and more intimate, friendly and accessible events, where the feeling you want to convey is warmth and community, not how big the flower arrangements are.

More and more couples are choosing to organize more intimate and private ceremonies: for this reason the location of Castello di Gargonza is highly recommended.

Meaningful and Informal Menus

The menu should seem very personal and not generic just for formality’s sake. Consider including a family recipe and printing it on the menu. If you don’t have one, consider a dish from an important dinner.

Increasing Focus on Sustainability

Guests and couples are much more attentive to sustainability. This is also reflected in party favors and leads the celebrants to ask themselves: what are we giving away? Could the trinket be a little less full of plastic? For this reason, the choice of party favors today follows different logics and leads the couple to support associations, fundraising projects and renowned brands for their ecological and sustainable footprint.

The Wedding Party Sit Down and Relax

The wedding party continues to evolve, reaching a middle ground between the absence of a wedding party and a wedding party without traditional responsibilities. There is a change in the way brides spend their wedding day with their favorite women, and everything revolves around the guest experience. More and more women relax in the bridal suite, choose their own dresses and sit down during the ceremony.

The Outfit Change: Not Once But Twice

Brides love to ditch the wedding dress in favor of a second eye-catching look. But what about a third? We see brides tackling a second outfit change, often during key transition moments, such as after the aperitif hour and before the after-party. This is the time to pull out your dramatic sequin caftan that precedes the late-night mini.

A Focus on the Cocktail Experience

Incorporating signature cocktails with unique mixes into your wedding creates a dazzling drink experience that will surprise and delight. These bespoke drinks elevate the aperitif hour.

Wedding Content Creators

Wedding content creators started to be part of wedding services in 2023 and will continue to make their way in 2024 as well.

In Italy, wedding content creators aren’t that common yet, but they represent an additional creative service besides the classic photographer and videographer. Their sole focus is capturing your wedding for social media. They’ll create reels that bring the genuine moments to life, capturing all the in-between moments that might not make it into the official wedding video.

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