We present Aldo Micheli, our prime mason of Gargonza since 1960

Unfortunately we cannot show you photos of our guests arriving, exquisite food that comes out of our kitchen or fancy table settings. However, this gives us the great opportunity to tell you about the stories of the former inhabitants of Gargonza which can be of great help during these uncertain times rediscovering their enthusiasm. 

Today we present  Aldo Micheli, our prime mason of Gargonza since 1960. Aldo was the person who most of all made the restoration project of the village achievable.

Roberto Guicciardini in his book “Il borgo castellano di Gargonza” (Edifir editions Firenze) says:

“In the restoration work do not leave aside, the collaboration of local labor and competence for specific techniques, the use of contemporary materials and above all the sensitivity in respect of the values of the place. We owe to Aldo, to his effort and intelligence if the ancient stones of the village have been raised so well; in his profession he had the vocation to imagine the works without any executive design, instead, he used to decide everything during the re construction.

He always was devoted to the art of building and, as his son, Leonardo, wrote thanking me for the book:
Reading this work of his, I found the same enthusiasm, the same pride, and, the same love that was in my father’s words when in the evening, at home, he told us about the restorations made at the Frantoio, at the Cave, at the Niccolina: this is why you have been able to work on the rebirth of Gargonza all your life!”

A special memory goes to Aldo who would have turned 100 years old this year.