Stanford Alumni Travel & Study

After experiencing Stanford Family Adventures during the summer period, Gargonza was happy to have Stanford Alumni Travel & Study for an off season program. Better period could not be chosen; fall in Gargonza is something exceptional from the colors of the forest, the food and all the activities which can be done in November such as olive oil picking and truffle hunting.

The group experienced a tour “inside Tuscany” partially organized with lectures and partially with day trips. Lectures focused on Italian and European politics and an overview on Italian renaissance period.
Day trips were organized in Siena, Arezzo and the hilltop medieval villages of Pienza and Montalcino.

On our hand we organized a nice full day of olive oil picking in our olive groves, with a visit to the local olive mill. This was considered to  most guests the highlight of their stay; a chance to get in touch with the locals for this olive oil “feast” and enjoy immediately an authentic extra virgin olive oil. During the day a “forest lecture” with Gianluca, our truffle hunter, was organized. He showed us most of the secrets of truffle hunting, his relationship with nature and with his dogs, his companions during his wonderings in the quite of a forest.

Thank you Stanford friends and we hope you enjoyed your stay with us!