The New Autumn Menu!

Every season has its own dishes and we are preparing for autumn and its temperature changes with the new menu!

We have created a new menu, rich in taste, always traditional, but with a touch of innovation.

We tell you some of the main dishes of this menu.

Homemade “Wine” Pici with white beef sauce and pecorino cheese fondue

As per tradition, the Pici dough is made with water, flour and extra virgin olive oil. Our chef adds a little wine to the dough which gives the pasta a hint of wine that balances quite well the white beef sauce and the cheese fondue.

Pappardelle with wild boar sauce

Our typical Tuscan dish can never be missing from our menu and the autumn season makes us appreciate it even more. Excellent Pappardelle, quite large in width, is the ideal pasta for this meat sauce. Cinghiale needs to be marinated for quite a bit in order to lose the bitterness of this meat. The sauce has the typical flavor of wild boar while remaining delicate and never too heavy.

Ravioli stuffed with pumpkin and amaretti sautéed with butter and cheese

Sautéed pumpkin cream for the filling and amaretti, wrapped in a good elastic dough made with local flours such as the wheat flours from Santa Vittoria Farm, make our Ravioli a perfect dish for autumn.

Beef rolls stuffed with plum with Parmesan soufflé

This juicy, soft and tasty roll is cooked at a low temperature together with its filling and then sautée with a very soft Parmesan soufflé.

Pork fillet with pistachio crust with apple cream and dried fruit, spinach sautéed with butter

The pork remains slightly pink when cooked at a low temperature, while leaving all its flavors and juices inside. The pistachio rim and the apple cream are an excellent accompaniment to this tasty meat.