Pepperdine University: annual Listening Summit Weekend

Pepperdine University: annual Listening Summit Weekend

For the fifth year, we had the pleasure to have Pepperdine University to the annual Listening Summit Weekend at Castello di Gargonza. Participants were both Us students from Pepperdine together with Italian students from the different faculties of Florence University.

This year’s topic was called Enriching Lives: “Two different cultural perspectives are better than one”. The faculty of Pepperdine were able to have speakers from various backgrounds and in particular Prof Roberto D’alimonte with his wife Cynthia Wilson, Mr. Robert Shackelford, Mr Matthew Reinecke and Frate Luca Laria De Felice.

An Italian professor who married an American teacher, a University Director who lives in Italy since 30 years, a former financial broker who, after finding an Italian girlfriend opened an American bakery in Florence and a priest who described his personal path from a civil life before embracing religion.

All of this would not be possible without Elizabeth Whathley, director of Pepperdine University in Florence, for having set this program in Gargonza. Another great success Elizabeth! Thank you from all of us from Castello di Gargonza.