Forest Therapy at Gargonza

Let us open to spring flavors and you can take advantage of a weekend in the tranquility and peace of Gargonza, you cannot miss enjoying a walk in our estate with Lauretta Mazza.
Lauretta, like us, loves Gargonza and always comes to re-create herself in the quiet of our woods.

Mindfulness teacher, Lauretta will take you on a true Forest Therapy walk You will be able to rediscover a very particular and unexpected contact with the forest with a different perspective, taking up the Japanese technique of “ShinrinYoku” or “Forest Therap” and rediscovering nature with your five senses.
Shinrin-Yoku is increasingly known and appreciated as a preventive therapy. Immersion in nature has also scientifically proven therapeutic effects: it enables to reduce the concentrations of stress, helps strengthing the immune system, regulates blood pressure and heartbeat, helps to lower cholesterol.

Shinrin-Yoku is an adventure of profound communion with nature. It is practiced in many ways, but the most traditional is a walk or meditation in the woods or in the forest.

We are waiting for you for this activity which is free for those who stay with us in the houses of the village.
The activity takes place outdoors. It lasts one hour and starts from the village square. For the timetable and informations, please contact us at