E-Mountain Bike hikes starting from Gargonza and Surroundings

Hikes starting from Gargonza and Surroundings.

We start from Gargonza parking  going downhill to the main road of Verniana, following the main road or a funny muletrack, as you prefer; we can also climb to Palazzolo and fly downhill on a long wide backroad to have a longer ride. Once down on the main road, we have to ride it some before leave it going uphill on backroads to visit Monte san Savino and tramping the narrown stone alleys of this nice town. Once visited the Sant’Agostino Church and the Pieve of Sant’egidio e Savino and the City Quarterdeck, we move back to the Gargonza Hamlet, at first on backroads just to skip a lot of tarmac and some nasty traffic. In this thirteenth century fortified village I will let you take your time to explore streets squares, enjoy sceneries and take some pictures. The ride goes on the way back to Solaia on dirt road. Starting/ending point could be Verniana instead of Solaia, avoiding the final climbing back.

(38/33/30 km, 900/750/620 m climbing)

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