[2021] – newsletter for the docent council of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

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Tuscan Castle Community – A Familial Love of History Revived An Italian Castello – By Don Whitehead

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[2021] – 10 borghi della toscana da visitare dopo la pandemia

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Gargonza nella check list dei 10 borghi poco conosciuti della Toscana da visitare dopo la pandemia, pubblicata su FUL Magazine!

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[2021] – Progetto Uffizi diffusi, Eike Schmidt incontra il sindaco di Monte San Savino

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Il direttore del museo fiorentino ha fatto tappa in Valdichiana, visitando i locali delle Logge dei Mercanti, il Museo del Cassero, la Chiesa di Santa Chiara, il “Cisternone”, recentemente restaurato, e la ex Sinagoga

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[2021] – Six precious places to spend your spring getaway

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There are certain ingredients that every spring getaway should have. Easy access to outdoor spaces so that you can admire, at your leisure, nature bursting into bloom. Delicious, fresh food, full of the flavours of the season.

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[2019] – Gargonza a Studio Aperto

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Here is the video that was recorded by the Mediaset team for the MAG special aired at Studio Aperto on the Gargonza Castle, where Dante Alighieri stayed.

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[2021] – Castle owners tell their stories

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Castles and Families is a project about dreams coming true. Families and individuals who acquired ruined medieval castles and put a lot of efforts into bringing them back to life share their inspiring stories. The Castello di Gargonza’s story is long and detailed but very exciting

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