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Easter in Tuscany: where to go and what to do

Tuscany is one of the Italian regions most visited by tourists from all over the world. Especially for its famous cities of art, historic villages and hills with characteristic vineyards, it can be defined as "the most beautiful postcard in Italy": every smallest village hides unique and unforgettable views, which are worth admiring and immortalizing.Read More

Arezzo: 10 things to see

Arezzo is one of the most famous Tuscan cities and, if you have decided to take a vacation in Tuscany, you should definitely include it in your itinerary. Although less famous than Florence, Siena and Pisa, it is a city that has a truly unique charm. Entering the historic center feels like taking a tripRead More

Wedding in Tuscany: a castle for a dream ceremony

The best day of your life deserves a special location. Between villas, resorts and historic buildings, have you ever thought of celebrating your wedding in a castle in Tuscany? The magical and timeless atmosphere of an authentic medieval castle will make you feel like the protagonists of a beautiful fairy tale. But how to chooseRead More

Symbolic Ceremony in Tuscany

We had the pleasure to host the wedding of J&V at Castello di Gargonza. An amazing wedding weekend with a welcome pizza dinner on the first evening in our garden inside the village.

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Menu September 2021

The flavors of summer color this menu, with typical local products, including gluten-free.

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Matrimonio di Sonia e Paul – 2019

Matrimonio di Sonia e Paul – 2019 Riceviamo e pubblichiamo alcune foto del matrimonio di Sonia e Paul. La nostra coppia di origine Libanese ha fatto un bellissimo matrimonio sfruttando tutte le parti esterne del borgo medioevale di Gargonza. Dal giardino della limonaia per l’aperitivo, al piazzale del ristorante per la cena di matrimonio. Il

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Sonia & Paul’s Wedding – 2019

Sonia & Paul’s Wedding – 2019 We receive and publish some photos of Sonia and Paul’s wedding. Our couple from Lebanon made a beautiful wedding taking advantage of all the external parts of the medieval village of Gargonza. From the lemon garden for the aperitif, to the restaurant square for the wedding dinner. The day

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Dantedì: Dante torna a Gargonza dopo più di 700 anni

Oggi è il Dantedì Dante Alighieri trovò rifugio nel 1304“…Sentito Dante la ruina sua, subito partì da Roma dove era ambasciatore, e camminando con celerità ne venne a Siena: quivi intesa chiaramente la sua calamità, non vedendo alcun riparo, deliberò accozzarsi con gli altri usciti: ed il primo accozzamento fu in una congregazione delli usciti,

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Dantedì: Today it’s Dante’s day!

Dantedì: Today it’s Dante’s day! Dante Alighieri found refuge in 1304 “When Dante heard of his ruin, he at once left Rome, where he was ambassador, and, journeying with all haste, he came to Siena. Here he learned conclusively of his misfortune, and seeing no alternative, he decided to throw in his lot with the

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