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Arezzo: 10 things to see

Arezzo: 10 things to see

Arezzo is one of the most famous Tuscan cities and, if you have decided to take a vacation in Tuscany, you should definitely include it in your itinerary.

Although less famous than Florence, Siena and Pisa, it is a city that has a truly unique charm. Entering the historic center feels like taking a trip back in time: alleys, buildings with exposed bricks, shops of the past and an atmosphere rich in history.

In this article we recommend 10 things you absolutely must see in Arezzo.

10 things to see in Arezzo in one day

One of the advantages of this city is that you can easily get around in 24 hours because the historic center is quite small and pleasant to visit on foot.
So here are 10 things to see in Arezzo in one day, from morning to evening.


The nerve center of the city, Piazza Grande is one of the first things to see in Arezzo. Slightly inclined, it is one of the most important architectural complexes in Italy, where Vasari’s Palazzo delle Logge, Palazzo Casatorre dei Tofani and Palazzo Lappoli with the wooden gallery meet. On the left, you can see the splendid Pieve di Santa Maria with its apse.
The characteristic event Giostra del Saracino is held in this square.


If you have decided to visit Arezzo in one day, you cannot miss the Duomo. Built on the site of the ancient Acropolis, it is the main church of the Arezzo inhabitants and it is in a dominant position, so that the spire of its tower can be seen for kilometers from the surrounding countryside.
The bell tower has been rebuilt 3 times over the centuries. While the facade was rebuilt in the twentieth century, the interiors are the original ones, built between 1278 and 1500.


If you are an art lover and are wondering what to do in Arezzo, include a visit to the Basilica of San Francesco in your itinerary. In fact, this small stone and brick church houses one of the masterpieces of Italian art, The Legend of the True Cross by Piero Della Francesca, an incredible cycle of frescoes that decorate the interior of the Basilica.


Another attraction for art lovers is the Basilica of San Domenico, located in the highest part of Arezzo and which houses the completely restored Crucifix by Cimabue. About 3 meters high, it is the first work attributed to Cimabue and deserves a stop among the things to visit in Arezzo.


What to do in Arezzo apart from visiting the most important city monuments? Surely you can give yourself a break in the greenery of the most important park in the city, Il Prato. A real green lung of the city, it is the favorite destination of Arezzo locals to spend some time outdoors, especially on beautiful spring days.
Inside the park, you will find a statue of Petrarch, which has its origins in Arezzo.


Arezzo is not only the birthplace of Petrarch but also of the artist Giorgio Vasari. Painter, architect and art historian, he lived for some time in a three-storey building that he personally decorated. Today it has become a museum, to be visited in Arezzo not only for what it houses (paintings, sculptures and other works) but also for the decoration of the internal rooms and for the splendid hanging garden.


Francesco Petrarca was born in a house in the center of Arezzo in 1304 and lived here for many years. The house is small and, over time, has undergone numerous changes of intended use and modifications, but it is worth visiting it because it is still a building of high historical and cultural value and today houses the Petrarca Academy of Letters, Arts and Science.


In Arezzo, what to see from the Roman era? Without any doubt, the Roman Amphitheater. his structure once hosted about 13,000 people, but what you will see today is only the skeleton of what it once was, because it has undergone a slow and progressive demolition.
In any case, it remains a very impressive monument to see.


What to see in Arezzo with children? The Archaeological Museum is one of the favorite stops for families because it houses an impressive collection of ceramics and glass objects from the Etruscan and Roman times, which manage to enchant and surprise the youngest visitors.
The Museum is housed inside the former Monastery of San Bernardo, therefore in a very charming location.


The Palazzo dei Priori is a typical example of medieval architecture. With its towers and battlements, it is a splendid palace built in the fourteenth century, where the Municipality is now based. Inside there is a large courtyard with a beautiful loggia and it is possible to visit the palace: it houses some works of art created by Arezzo masters from different eras.

Visit Arezzo in one day starting from the Castle of Gargonza

In our opinion, these were the 10 things to see in Arezzo.

If you want to visit Arezzo in one day, just make an itinerary with the different stages. The Castle of Gargonza is the ideal starting point for visiting the city of Arezzo because it is only 30 km away (about 35 minutes by car).

Contact us to book your stay at the Gargonza Castle and organize your visit to Arezzo.

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