Casa Tullio

Classic Apartment

Casa Tullio

Casa Tullio is a small suite with fireplace in front of the bed. It is on second floor of the main building which faces the main “piazza” of the village.

Access on first floor with a common pateo which faces the tower. Casa Tullio is on the second floor. Entrance with kitchenette and double room with fireplace.

 Kitchen corner
 No Smoking room
 Private bathroom

Tullio Bartolomei, was a gamekeeper of Gargonza from 1947 to 1966. He was the first game keeper who bread the wildboars who arrived from south of Tuscany from another estate which still belonged to the family. Directly from Tullio’s memories: “one male and 5 females were kept in captivity near the village and I fed them before they were big enough to be freed in the forest.. Besides boars, in Gargonza we breed also feasans in small incubators and
then in larger rooms before being released.”.