Casa Nerina

Appartamento Classic

Casa Nerina

Casa Nerina is located in the central part of the vilage. The apartment faces both a garden and the valley and the streets of the village. It is on ground floor, kitchenette, living room and private garden.

It was until the 1960’s the school of the village and there is still a wooden school desk. A spacious living room faces a garden with view over the valley. Three double bedrooms with private bathroom.

 Kitchen corner
 No Smoking room
 Private bathroom

Nerina was the daughter of Santi, a former gamekeaper. She lived on first floor with her family.
From the oral memories of the last teacher Miss. Alba Corsi in 1954 on first day of school:
“for those who look at Gargonza from far away it would look somehow a remote place, sitting on top of a hill with medieval walls…. but its gracious round figure recalls to me warm wishes…from every angle you will find ancient stones and bricks which recalls in my mind the spirit of the famous italian poet Dante Alighieri.”