Cultura Italiana Arezzo School – italian language courses

Cultura Italiana Arezzo – italian language courses

Cultura Italiana Arezzo is an institute that operates in the Arezzo’s territory since 1998 to spread the Italian language and culture through the organization of courses for adult foreigners interested in Italy for cultural, tourism or business.

The office, located in the historic center of the city, annually hosts more than 200 students from all over the world staying in Arezzo (from one month up to one year) in order to know the language, life and culture of our country.

In collaboration with the Institute our guests, willing to deepen their knowledge of Italian, can take lessons in Italian language while staying at the Castello di Gargonza.

Teachers are at your disposal to conduct the classes directly at the Castle of Gargonza with lectures, informal and very interactive, that will help the student to get in touch with the language in a pleasant and relaxed environment focus mainly on everyday communication.

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