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Castle for conferences in the Tuscan hills: how to choose the right one

Castle for conferences in the Tuscan hills: how to choose the right one

If we wish to organize conferences in a castle in the Tuscan hills, we must take into account some characteristics such as:

  • The closeness of the castle to the inhabited centers.
  • The available space.
  • The chance of staying overnight in the castle without having to organize travels.

Why choose a castle as a location for corporate events

A castle is certainly the most suitable place to spend and organize corporate events.

Large spaces are available and the opportunity to live a unique experience of its kind, immersed in history.
In addition, the castles have very large and roomy locations, capable of holding many more people than other places.

What can be organized in a castle

The experiences that can be made in a castle are many, and each of these is going to be special thanks to the magical fairytale atmosphere created by the castle.

Furthermore, we must not be frightened by the ancient appearance of the castles, since most of them are equipped with all the technological comforts you need to organize your business events.


The perfect place for your conferences is a castle on the Tuscan hills, a place surrounded by nature, and consequently very quiet, perfect for hosting many people at the same time, even for several days.


Meetings and reunions can be easily held in a castle, especially if the castle is located in a strategic area a few kilometers from a town.

In addition, inside a castle, you will have the opportunity to take a little break outside, different from the usual and of great quality.


Corporate parties or events of any kind are ideal to organize in a castle, giving the event an elegant and chic but also genuine and historical aspect.

Which castle to choose in Tuscany

The castle of Gargonza is ideal for your business events, as it’s located in a strategic position (central Italy) and is easily accessible, 11 km from the A1 highway (Monte San Savino exit).

Ideal place for your conference, indeed, rooms, conference room, and restaurant are all in one place without having to organize travel for various activities.

In addition, the Gargonza Castle is also a suggestive location, surrounded by a 600-hectare forest and there are several rooms in the Gargonza Castle dedicated to hosting meetings and conferences: equipped with modern conference technologies and set in a suggestive setting.

Contact us now to organize your business event at the castle of Gargonza.